Weekly Options Trading

by trader on February 7, 2012

 You Are About To Discover… 

“The Only Way To Trade That Gives “The Little Guy”

Big Profits In Small Accounts, In 1 Week, With Low Risk,

In Any Market Conditions… Good, Bad Or Otherwise!

Wall Street Insider And Trading Expert Gives Free Webinar To Prove His Weekly

Options Trading System Can Make People Money In Any Market Conditions


Jack Carter

Durango, Colorado

Tuesday, 10:37 am

Are you tired of losing money in the stock market. Would you like to learn a safer and more profitable way to make profits every week? If so, you need to know about weekly options. If you know the secrets, weekly options are…

The Biggest Trading Advantage

For The “Little Guy” Since

The Invention Of The Internet!

And now, after putting my own money on the line, I have discovered and perfected a weekly options trading system that can make from 2% to 15% every week. My trading system is almost automatic. It works like a Swiss watch. It is, I believe, the most unusual… and… the most profitable trading system ever developed in human history!

I can’t explain everything you need to know about it here. That would take too long and take up too much space.  But thanks to the internet, you can now learn all about my weekly options trading system, copy what I’m doing step-by-step, and watch it happen live at… 

 A FREE Webinar!

Here’s just a few things about weekly options you’ll learn at the free webinar…

      •  How to use options to create weekly cash flow… and… start putting cash in your account today!
      •  How to make gains of 2% -15% per week… regardless of account size.
      •  How to easily double your returns … even on the options trades you do now.
      •  How to get started with $3,000.
      •  How to get paid Every Friday!
      •  Why…unlike with everything else in the stock market… the stock price does not have to go up for you to profit.
      •  How to profit like the pro’s ( using very little money ) on high priced stocks like Apple and Google.
      •  7 Secrets to making profit-rich weekly options trades.

This is the most exciting thing on weekly options ever revealed.

Here’s the deal: I have reserved a limited number of spots at the webinar free for the next 48 hours. The only requirement to claim your spot is to click on “Reserve Your Spot” below and register your name and email to prove you are serious and want to attend the free webinar. If I don’t here from you by then I’ll assume you are not interested and your spot will go to someone else. There’s nothing to buy and no credit card required. Space is extremely limited. Click “Reserve Your Spot now…

Reserve Your Spot

P.P.S. During the webinar I’ll be giving away a two free gifts that are so valuable I can’t even describe them here.


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Andy Delaforce December 19, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Jack, today 1pt in 10min on $HLR “overreaction” news into the close. 15:13hrs-15:23! possible 2+pts during CNBC ceo coverage.

Jim August 8, 2012 at 3:06 pm

The weekly options webinar was awesome. What a great way to make weekly income. Thanks for the info.

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